Week 14

This week we our creating our final website for the final submission.


Week 13

This week we continued working on our website in and outside of class with no DigitalJenn. We have been troubleshooting our websites trying to figure out to correct codes for our own customizing our own websites.

Week 12

This week we continued our with DigitalJenn. As well as get more into coding our own pages for CSS and HTML and making a basic design lean more towards what our design comp looks like.

Week 11

This week we continued to work on the DigitalJenn and post it in the forum. We the made any final revisions to our design comp and created slices on our page in photoshop to use on our website for the images. Then we started our HTML and CSS coding.

Week 10

This week we worked on optimizing our images to use for DigitalJenn Practice. Then we moved our files to the webspace. We then worked our revising our down design comp and optimizing our images for our webspace.

Week 9

This week we started our DigitalJenn Practice where we created a design comp for the DigitalJenn website, for practice. We then went ahead and created our own for our own website.

Week 8

This week we created our Seven Deadly Sin websites to fit any size screen, for example we learned how to code so our website could be shown on a mobile device.

This week we also started our final project. We created a booklet in Indesign to go in-depth with what our project was going to be on and the background, goals, audience, content, functionality, the field trip, as well as include a style tile.

Week 7

This week we really started to customize our Seven Deadly Sin page from working off of our style tile. We learned about Google fonts and why it is important to use Google fonts for the web and not just any font. We also learned more in-depth about CSS coding.

Week 6

This week we finalized our banners for the Facebook group for the CSA group. We also continued to work on our Seven Deadly Sins and started to customize our HTML files for our websites using CSS.

Week 5

This week we had to created our banners for the CSA Facebook group. We also learned how to resize the banners for the web. We received feedback on our banners which was extremely helpful. We Also are continuing on with the Seven Deadly Sin project.